Can’t believe that it’s already September!!

It feels like 2014 is going by so fast that the next thing I know we are going to be in 2015!! So far 2014 has been extremely busy with me going back to school for a change of career that is really the opposite of what I was in.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the career path that I am choosing to go into and I am fully aware that it will take most of my time away from my blog, YouTube and as well has some other hobbies that I enjoy doing. But that does NOT mean that I am leaving this blog, I am just saying that if you see that I haven’t posted a new video or blog post; it’s just that I am busy with studying for exams (which its every 2-3 weeks).

I do feel a bit guilty for not putting up new content on both my blog and YouTube channel; due to the fact that I love writing new blog post and creating new content for you all (hence why I am studying Graphic Design)

Other than that; I am very grateful for all of you for still sticking with me even though I been absent for all of my online (except email) presence. For that I want to say a big THANK YOU!! And I do miss being here; writing and creating content for you all; Also I would love for you all to let me know what you would like to see in the future on here or my YouTube channel so I can create content that not only fun for me to create but fun for you all has well.

The joys of having internet problems!!

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something totally different from my normal blog post subject; which if you are new to this blog, I normally talk about beauty and fashion topics.

Which in today blog post it’s more of a blog and life update (in some ways) and that is on why I’ve been off and on from this blog. The reason I’ve been gone (again) is because for the past couple months we been having some issues with our internet. If you blog, school work or simply have a online presence; then you know it’s very hard to keep up with that when your internet keeps going off and on all the time ( I like to say my internet has mood swings lol).

I have got my internet fixed once again and I am hoping that this time that it is fixed for good as I do most of my stuff online; like blog, school work (research papers and projects), pay my bills, ect..

Other than that; I have been busy this past couple of months and if you read my last few blog post; you may know that I went back to school for a change of career which that takes up most of my time and I am hoping that soon I be able to write or film an advice post or video about going back to school for a change of career and how to balance school work with your other responsibilities that you may have.

Thank you to all of you who have been patiently waiting for a new blog post as well as a big thank you to all of you who take the time out of your day to read my blog. I really appreciate it very mush.

If you have any topics that YOU would like me to cover or simply have question on going back to school for a career change when you’ve been out of school for a bit; please feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

High Five for Friday

Its been a little over a month that I’ve posted a High Five for Friday blog post and I thought that as this a fun way to see what where my top five favorite moments for this week were, well here it is…

1. Even thought its been longer than a week that I am on summer brake; I am enjoying the time off and be able to “so call” sleep in and not have to get up at 4:30am each morning for school

2. This past Monday my Erin Condren life planner came in and its so beautiful and when it came in the mail, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning


3. Happy that the massive heat wave that we were in the middle of has finally gone always and that the more seasonally weather is back; which make me and my legs very happy (my legs swell up in extreme heat due to a health condition that I was born with)

4. Finally got my internet fixed and happy to be back to blogging… missed blogging each week!! Hope you are as excited for new blog post as well as some blog makeover that will be taking place sometimes between now to the end of this year.

5. Has today its Friday and it is beautiful and they are announcing very warm weather this weekend I am going to enjoy it by a pool with my boyfriend as well has watch some of the final soccer finals with him…. If you are going to be watching the fifa world cup soccer tournament this weekend; which team are you cheering on?

Hopefully you like having a little pick inside my week and see my favorite highlights of this week are.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Update on where I’ve been!

Hi everyone; I know that I have been away from this blog as well as my YouTube channel and I feel that I should all update all of my readers what has been going on here and why I have been away for the past month or so (in the internet world it seems like forever).

First my internet connection has been acting up on me which make uploading and blog post impossible… never mind uploading, reading email as well. What happened is that my internet would go off and on all the time… for instance it would turn back on for 30 minutes than off for few hours (a few times it has turned off for a few days) which just that on its own has been a pain in the back side.

With the internet acting up; I had to get a technician in and change it all to a better service… which if you had to get a technician in and fix it, you know that it does take a few week for the technician to come to just fix the problem.

Other than the internet going off and on; I also was busy with school and final exams (which I am taking a 1.5 year intense graphic design course which means every few weeks I have an exam). My last exam was a 6.5 hour long exam which I was so happy to pass that exam with very good marks. If you are in school/college you know that it takes a lot of work and its very time consuming but defiantly worth every single minute of it.

To top it all off; there was a very sad event that happened in this past month which is that my cat who was 10 years old passed away a few weeks ago… and we still miss her very mush but I know that she is in a better place and no longer in pain. If you have had or have any animals, you know that your animals become a member of your family.

Because of all of that; that is why I have been in M.I.A from this blog and my YouTube channel for a bit… but I am very happy to announce that has I am on summer break for the whole month of July that I will be back on here with new ideas and blog post this month (taking one month at a time) as well as of a couple days ago; I got my internet fix and should be also working a whole lot better.

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! I know that I have been in M.I.A for the whole month of May; which I am going to write a blog post to all of my updates this week.

For today, I am going to share my top 5 favorite moments of the week!!

1. Some of you may or may not know that I was going throw a career change and that I was planning to study graphic design; which I am happy to say that I have started my classes this week!!

2. Along with school and career change; I have been looking for a new bag that I can carry all of my school books, school supplies and my everyday essentials. Which I have fond on sale at a local handbag/bag store.


3. This past month I have been testing out two different calendars and see which one will help keep me on top of my school, social life, blog and every other life events. When I am going to write a blog post about it when I am done testing them out.

4. I also been enjoying watching the habs games (even thou they lost last night) and its rare that I get to sit down and watch a game during the week due to the fact that I do get up extremely early (4:30am wakeup call)… however; it’s worth it to stay up a bit late for the play off

5. As today is Friday and I do have a day off from classes; my plan for this beautiful Friday is going to be simple and not complicating…. Shopping for new summer sandles and work on school assignments that are due Monday.

Hopefully you like having a little pick inside my week and see my favorite highlights of this week are.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope that you all had a wonderful week.

Looking back on this past week, which was busy week for me and I also notice that the closer that I get to be starting school for a career change, the busier I get because I know that there are a few things that I need to get as well as pre-plan before school starts up on the 22 of may.

Here are my highlights of this past week!

1. Last weekend; it was a friends baby shower and last Friday we went a got her two cute little boys outfits for her baby shower. (yes, she is having a little boy)


2. I finally got around going and checking out the new Michaels craft store that just opened up a few months ago. In that trip I got some supplies to make some pretty jewelry which I always wanted to do for the past couple of years.

3. When I had a few moments to myself; I finally created my first piece of jewelry which I am very proud of.


4. I am finding that I am really looking into opening an Etsy shop as well as looking into my schedule to see when I am going to have the time to work on that project. The reason I am looking into my schedule is to see if I can add that Etsy shop onto my already full schedule and I don’t want to start something and not be able to put the time into that, that it needs to run it if I can’t find the time.

5. As its Friday today; my plans for the weekend is to work outside and get the yard ready for planting some pretty flowers and plants.

Hopefully you like having a little pick inside my week and see my favorite highlights of this week are.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope that you had a wonderful week and that the warm weather as started where you are.

Looking back at this week and it felt like the week has just flew by at a blink of an eye. For those who would like to see my top five moments for this week; than here it is , enjoy!!

1. Last weekend was Easter weekend and I had a wonderful time spending time with my loved once.

2. I finally started to change out my closet for the warmer weather that is coming our way and I cannot wait till it’s fully here. Also when I am going to be finish with my full closet re-organization, I’ll show it all to you guys.

3. Due to the re-organization and clean out of my closet, I discovered a couple of clothing items that I totally forgot I had… so due to that; I am going to be putting outfits together with those items and posting it here in the next couple of weeks for you guys.

4. Finally got some reading done; which I enjoy doing just before going to sleep at night. The book that I am currently reading is the Hunger Games – Catching Fire which I am about half way done. For those of you that love to read and are wondering what I am reading with my mini book review you can fallow me on Good reads which I signed up for a goodreads account last spring!!

Goodreads page
Image Above: It’s a screen shout of my goodreads page

5. Has its Friday today; I am planning to spend time with my boyfriend as well as get some shopping done as we both need to pick up an little gift for a baby shower that we are both attending this Sunday!!

Hopefully, you enjoyed knowing what my top five favorite moments for this week has been and I will be back next week with new blog post. If you like to chat with me and asked any question; please feel free to join the conversation on twitter and share your top five with me and everyone else. If you do have a blog post on your top five favorite moments please tweet me the link to it as I would love to read about it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!